High frequency and pressure generator: Size: 600*420*650mm

1.the high frequency multiple-pulse X ray generator is used for radio diagnosis, it ensures data and repetition’s accuracy and shorten time of exposure.
2.with the most professional and stable high frequency and pressure generator, it makes a high dose output,high power load and ultrahigh frequency contravariant which perfectly guarantees users’ radiography quality. The generator is compatible with almost all good brands of tube in the world.
3.it is equipped with APR/AEC which possess tube overload protection)
4.the control functions of the generator are integrated in the system control center
5.It can meet high frequency filming requirements since its rated voltage is with a high of 150KV
6.50KW large capacity makes a longer uninterrupted work
7.perfect performance and stability
8.it is complicated to set parameters for most of generators which lead to time wast. But our generator is equipped with easier parameters settings and firmwares updating programs.
9.rotating anode’s calorific capacity display and protection can prevent overheat of pipe shroud cause by overload.
10.It stops the rotating anode by DC, it makes less noise after exposure.


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