Features                           Benefits

  1. No coding            –                  No chip, no number adjustment, just insert strip and                                                                  apply blood sample and read your result
  2. AA Batteries       –                  Readily available anytime, anywhere
  3. 0.7ul of blood    –                 Small blood sample, thus less pain from pricking
  4. 7 seconds            –                 Test completed in just 7 seconds. No waste of time
  5. Adjustable measurement  – No more multiplication or division by 18. Just choose                                                                what suits you
  6. Pre-meal/Post meal setting – “Kips” track of your glucose measurement with                                                                                respect to your meals
  7. Ketone warning –   No surprise. Meter alerts you to take action in good time
  8. 4 Alarm Setting  –    Remind you when it is time to test. Works with you all the way.
  9. Day Average        –    7,14,21,28,60 & 90 day average function for glucose memory                                                    results
  10. Memory                 –    Stores 352 test results with time and date in the memory
  11. PC Link                  –     Results can be transferred to computer and analyzed as                                                             required
  12. Wide cuff               –     Fits most arm sizes.


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