Eclat industries Limited offers PLATE READERĀ  is an eight channel photometer for sequential and simultaneous reading of microplate strips with 96 wells. Shaking capability. Designed according to the most sophisticated technologies it turns out to be of high quality and reliability as well as of high precision and easy to use. With its powerful software it is able to perform readings, data processing and relevant memorization.


Light source Optical filters Detectors Reading system Inaccuracy Reading time Reaction area Plate shaking LCD Display Printer Keypad Interface Curves Results Calculation Mode Memory capacity Calendar/Timer Power requirements Measurements Weight 8 tungsten lamps, automatically under-powered when in stand-by position 2 filters (450, 630 nm); 2 more on request (max 4 filters, 400-700 nm) 8 silicon photodiodes 8 independent channels.


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